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Claire, I got pregnant after the last appt in Sept and think of you often, I tell so many people about you. He is a wonderful baby and so chilled out, he is the light of my life, cant wait for next session.
Maeve, Cork

I came in to hospital for a planned section but when they put me on the monitor I was having regular contractions. Labour started at 9 am and with a few pushes baby was in my arms at 12.30pm. I am so thrilled and delighted I went myself. Thank you for your help.
Karen , Dublin

Very quick Claire. Admitted at 4pm not yet in labour but favourable and baby was born at 6.18pm. I canít believe how quick it was, and no pain relief. Thanks so much for your help, canít wait to get back in the happy chair without the bump!
Rachel, Dublin

Hi Claire, just had the baby today. It happened so fast, was in labour for less than 3 hours before I had her. Good work with the productive contractions. Jenny, Dublin

Claire, your magic has worked again. First you helped me to conceive and now you have been instrumental in a short and active labour. Thank you so much, canít wait to get back to you.
Ciara, Dublin

Claire, thank you so much for calling to my house during the early stages of labour, it would have been impossible for me to get to you while my other children were at home. Once the contractions were established, thanks to you , everything went well.
Carmel, Dublin

I had a session this afternoon with Claire and it was great - even for someone with tickly feet like me!  Uncannily accurate about my aches and pains and incredibly relaxing - a really wonderful treat.
LM Bray

I’ve been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. Since starting a course of reflexology with Claire I have become increasingly calm. My life is back on track and I feel great.
MM Dublin

I have been suffering with endometriosis for a long time and I have really noticed huge improvements since I started reflexology. The pain is less severe, I don’t need pain relief as often and my life is less affected by the condition.
IC Dublin

I’m in my 50’s and no matter how hard I try I haven’t been able to achieve healthy weight loss. Since having reflexology my appetite has become healthier, I have fewer cravings for junk and I am full of energy. The weight is coming off slowly and steadily. 
CG Dublin

I love how the session doesn’t end after the hour. Claire gives great lifestyle advice and is genuinely interested in how I’m getting on. I feel so much better.
SMG Dublin

Relaxation was what first brought me to reflexology but I got so much more. My skin tone has improved; my aches and pains are gone. I sleep better and I have bags of energy.
MH Dublin

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