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The ancient art of reflexology


The concept of this ancient art is that the foot reflects the body. Reflex points in the feet reflect the body as a whole. Through skilful, yet gentle manipulation of these reflex points, the corresponding systems and organs of the body can be prompted to release tension and toxins and activate healing. The pressure is gentle but firm, not at all ticklish and induces deep relaxation and relieves stress through the para sympathetic nervous system.

Reflexology’s history goes back 5000 years in China and Ancient Egypt, where hieroglyphics depict the ‘physician’ administering reflexology to the Pharaoh – a practice worthy of the highest office.


I’m Claire Burrows

I am a fully qualified and insured reflexologist, based in Rochestown in Cork. I have been practising reflexology for over 18 years and have about 20,000 hours of clinical experience. Much of that experience is in the areas of fertility and pregnancy. I am on the panel for all the major health insurers. Depending on your cover you may be able to claim part of your treatment fee back from your insurer. I will provide you with an official receipt at your appointment.

I am inviting you to make space for your Self. Make time in your diary for YOU. Drop me an email and let me know which type of reflexology treatment best suits you. Your options are listed below.

Your reflexology options

Reflexology for relaxation


 With our ‘always on’ lifestyles, it is important to build in some form of process to unplug from the pressures of life. Reflexology is a safe, natural and exceptionally relaxing therapy. By regularly resetting ourselves we can enjoy improved mood and concentration, reduced anxiety, better sleep and overall increased sense of wellbeing.

Reflexology for fertility


I have been working with couples experiencing fertility difficulties for many years and have over 550 successes to date. I recommend reflexology for fertility in conjunction with my 3 month Natural Fertility Programme. Nutrition and lifestyle changes have been shown to improve fertility by 80%, which is significantly more effective than medical interventions. Reflexology can provide support through a challenging period of your life and help to balance hormones. Used in conjunction with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme you can be sure you are in the best possible hands to succeed to conceive, either naturally or with medically assisted reproduction. Details of my Natural Fertility Programme are at www.nowbaby.ie

Reflexology during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a truly wonderful phase in life where the mother nurtures her growing offspring 24 hours per day. Reflexology during pregnancy is a natural, holistic, safe way for the mother to experience nurturing herself and replenish her energies.  Reflexology for birth preparation, ideally starting at week 32, can help reduce the need for medical interventions by up to 70% and reduce labour time, typically to between 4 & 6 hours. Occasional treatments or a course for birth preparation reflexology are available (early booking is recommended) just click to book.

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